Shuttle SN95G5 Review

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Shuttles first 939-socket Dual DDR Small Form Factor system

Shuttle has always had high quality and fast small form factor PCs.

With the release of the SN95G5 Shuttle has raised the bar for performance for small form factor PCs.

This review will focus on the system and it's features.

The SN95G5 manages to keep its size the same as old generation shuttle PCs.

There are many differences however. 

The faceplate is made of anodized brushed aluminum that matches the case shell.

The buttons and indicator LEDs are tucking into the front middle.


At the top is a spring-loaded opening that allows a DVD drive tray to open and close.

When closed the DVD drive is hidden behind the door.

Shuttle also developed a clever eject button system that allows the button to be located near the top right of the faceplate.

Below the DVD is a push-to-open door that allows access to a 3.5" drive or memory card reader.


At the very bottom is a push-to-open door with access to the Mic, Headphone, USB, and firewire jacks.
The back of the case is similar to prior Shuttle designs, except that the CPU fan has been upgraded from 80mm to 92mm. Making the system both more efficient, and quiet.


The inside of the system is still surprisingly roomy.

The drive tray (not in photo) allows for a single 5.25" driver, and two 3.5" drives.

The northbridge fan is also designed to push air over the power regulators, keeping things stable and cool.

My only grip about the inside is a flat ribbon cable connecting the motherboard to the faceplate.

This could be prone to breaking when modifying the system.  

The other side of the case is taken up by the systems power supply.

Shuttle has upgraded the power supply from an  ugly steel case to a soft aluminum case.


The PSUis rated at 240-watts.

This is more then enough for a fully loaded system, as shuttle PSUs are very high quality and can handle a full load on the PSU.

The ICE cooler is what truly sets Shuttle apart from the rest.

And Shuttle has raised the bar again with the SN95G5

The ICE cooler is now larger, has a copper base, and now uses a pulse width modulation fan.

Here you can see the mirror finish on the copper base. No lapping needed.

Also note the 4-wire fan connector. This is used for the PWM fan control. A PWM fan allows for very precise control over the system fan, keeping things cool and quiet.

Normal 3-wire fans will still work on the system.

Lastly the motherboard.

Shuttled uses the nVidia nForce3 Ultra chipset, with 1Ghz Hypertransport.

There is also a Gigabit LAN connection, and 6-channel audio.

With a 939-socket you can use Dual DDR ready Athlon64 CPUs, and even the AMD Athlon64 FX cpus that allow for extra high clock rates.