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This is the first project I have designed without the majority of the design taking place in a 3D environment. These images were rendered in trueSpace3 using my design plans created in Coreldraw.

The faceplate consists of four areas: (blurriness due to JPEG Compression)

The DVD area, with ZapWizard logo, and tribal markings. These areas are backlit blue.
The Kingston Logo, backlit white and red. This may be removed for use of a memory card reader.
The Tribal symbol, this will be backlit blue.
The logo area, with Shuttle, ATI, and AMD logos, each lit with the proper color.

The top of the case will have a large Kingston logo and head lit up red.

The head will have a blue border to help set the two black area apart.

The rear fan grill was custom designed to fit the tribal theme of Kingston Technology.

The right side of the case is where the actual DDR memory will be visible through a rounded window. (Blue)

The black areas in the window are air vents, that will be cut into the plexi.

The HyperX logo will be cut directly into the metal case, and backlit red and blue.

The left side is a mirror image of the DDR side, with a window showing part of the graphics card.