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September '04 Shuttle SN95G5 review posted 09/20/04
Photos and updates on the HyperX Demo PC 09/20/04
Plans for the Kingston HyperX Demo PC 09/06/04
LED keypad replacement for my wife's phone  09/10/04
Design starts for the Kingston HyperX Demo PC 09/06/04
Images of my new workshop uploaded 09/04/04
The MX700 Laser experiment 09/03/04
Cell phone keypad LED change 09/02/04
iPod 4th Generation Dissection, and touch-wheel change 09/02/04
Website totally rebuilt 09/01/04
August '04 Check out www.AMDEdge.com -Lots of guides and info from me
QuakeCon 2004 -Photos and Videos
July '04 EverLAN.net Summer Event (Mod Contest Judge)
Summer TXGF (Hosted Mod Contest)
Launch of www.AMDEdge.com
June '04 Directron.Com LAN Event (1st Place in Mod Contest)
February '04 ATI/AMD PC Project Started
Texas Gaming Festival Winter (Hosted Mod Contest)
2003 Mazda Protege LX -Car Modding Started
January '04 Interview at ModdersHQ.net
Award: Maximum PC Rig of the Month Contest
December '03 Award: Bit-Tech Best of 2003: Mod of the Year
November '03 Award: PC Extreme Mod of the Month
October '03 Updated to a faster server courtesy of www.Site51.com
September '03 Award: TechTV The Screen Savers Mod Contest Winner
AMD Athlon64 Launch Event
August '03 Award: QuakeCon 2003 Winner: Best Modified PC in the nVidia Contest

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