Logitech MX-700 Experiment

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Logitech recently released the MX1000. A $80 cordless mouse that promises that it will operate nearly any hard surface.

The MX700 is also a cordless mouse, but it uses an LED.

Could you install a laser into an MX700, and get better performance? Lets find out:

First the MX700, and a laser diode module from Radioshack.

The module runs off 3volts, and should be able to run on the MX700's LED connection.

I took apart the MX700 to get access to the LED.
The Laser diode is as bright as a normal key-chain laser.

But it is made to run all the time.

Before changing the laser I tested the MX700 on the worst surface I could find.

In this case it was the black mirrored faceplate from a Athlon64 Shuttle PC.

As expected the mouse would not function at all.

Now I installed the laser in the same place as the LED.

The laser works well as a replacement, and the mouse functions.

But alas it did not improve the surface capabilities of the mouse. The mouse was just as ineffective.

In conclusion, there mush be a different focus point for a MX1000.

Also the MX1000 uses a newer MX optical engine, that may be more sensitive.

But, there is a cool trick that you can do with a laser pointer and any optical mouse.

Lift your optical mouse off the table a few inches, then aim a laser pointer onto the spot below the mouse's eye.  The mouse will actually be able to move, even though it is off the table.

With the proper aim and a steady hand, you can get the mouse to move a foot or more off of the table.