AMD AREA-64 and Athlon64 Launch

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The AMD Crop Circles

These are real and not photo-chopped.

AMD had the guy from show a video on how they made them

Each of them read out AMD in some way. There are also 6 dots on top and 4 on bottom.

This is the one I figured out, it reads AMD in Morse code

This one reads AMD in braile

One of the Area-64 Tour busses

The view from the W Hotel that AMD put me up in.

The view was of the gardens and theatre where the AMD Launch took place

The AMD Launch Event theatre.

I ended up getting to sit in the 5th row.


Demo of Unreal 2004 64-bit


Deezil Zappa, AMD Ceo, and a guy from "Asleep at the wheel"

nVidia sign holders.

The vendors showcase.

Demo PC's and g-Man looking over us


Some real-to life characters

The Halflife2 demo that was playing through out the showcase.

(No playable demo though) 


One of the developers of Unreal 2004, playing his game

Shot of the game FarCry.

A head-to-head demo of a Athlon-64 and P4

The wall of motherboard


Falcon northwest system with lit side etch

Another falcon system with lighted eagle eye

A monarch mATX system

The A64 Shuttle Systems

A all orange custom system running FarCry

A nice MediaPC system

AMD Athlon64 Laptops, and they were NOT slow, killer gaming systems really

"The Agents"

Carrying parts for the people who won discounted Athlon64 systems

The aluminum cases were handcuffed to their arm.

Once everyone had their case, they were allowed to open them up


Athlon 64 FX-51

1GB of Kingston 400Mhz Registered DDR

ASUS SK8N nForce3 motherboard 

100% copper thin-fin heatsink

Windows XP-64 Bit Beta

64-bit linux

and tons more stuff

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