Real time architectural visualization.

I have not posted an update to Seaholm in a while because I was developing several real time architectural visualizations.

These were made in SketchUp from DWG and PDF blueprints. The lighting was done in LightUp for SketchUp, and finally the models are brought into Unity 3D. 

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Fan Feast Update: Skeeball

This weekend I worked on more of the interior of the Highball. But the highlight is my custom made Skeeball machine.

It is modeled in SketchUp and built to scale. The dimensions at taken from this thread on how to make your own skeeball machine.

Aside from the marquee most of the textures were made from scratch in photoshop using photos of the actual skeeball machines at the Highball as reference.

It works in game (see video below). It was quite a chore to get the physics correct and have the balls still fall into the right trigger spots to detect each hole.

The final version will give the players nine balls per round with a highscore that is yet to be determined. (possibly set on the fly)


Left4Dead Skeeball


Left4Dead Skeeball


Fan Feast update: Highball interior and in-game bowling!

Small update, but big success with the map.

I have started modeling the interior of the Highball. Some parts of the building are very open while others are very crampt. Add the fact that nothing inside is symmetrical and you have a hard building to get a proper layout done for. It took me a few evening to get something I though was acceptable. Then I realized, the only built the Highball last year, someone has to have the floor plans. And they did, once I had the floor plan it was only a matter of an hour to get a perfectly spot-on interior model of the wall layout. There is still lots of detail to come, but this will greatly accelerate my modeling time.




When I first started making this map I wanted to have a bowling mini-game. The idea being in survival mode if the players bowled a strike alarms and lights would go off and the hordes would start coming. It was tough to get working, but I now have an acceptable bowling mini-game inside the Highball. It works pretty darn well and is a lot of fun. In fact I bet in Scavenge mode you might find some of the special infected bowling rather then hunting down the survivors. The image below is just the concept prototype.

L4D2 Bowling

Fan Feast: Shopping center

These images are of the part of the shopping center next to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.

At first I was going to include only the building facade, but I decided to make it so the players can enter a few of the stores. For example you can head to the guitar store and get your self a guitar to use a melee weapon. Each store is filled with props to approximate the same type of store that is there in the real world. (Barber shop, Reality, Guitars, Books, Clothing store)

The sign textures are temporary placeholders for now.

Lamar Plaza

Lamar Plaza

Lamar Plaza


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