Fan Feast Update: Almost there!

Hey folks,

I know there are quite a few of you are waiting for the map release so you can go kill zombies at the Highball.  I have been working on the map every night to finish it out. I have  added a few new assets from The Sacrifice update and currently 100% of the map geometry and all the details are done and locked in. I just have a few bugs that affect scavenge mode to figure out and then I will release the map. 

Also, Left4Dead2 is still less then $7 right now, so if you want to play this map that is a low price to pay.

In the mean time please enjoy some of the final screenshots:

Fan Feast -Final shots


Fan Feast -Final shots


Fan Feast -Final shots

Fantastic Fest photos

Fantastic Fest Arcade

If you missed Fantastic Fest and Fantastic Arcade, then you missed out on a great time.

There were over 100 movies to see, and 30 independent video games to play. Along with lots of other fun events.

Click below for my images and comments from Fantastic Arcade


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Fan Feast Update: Bowling

This weekend I completed some important props. Namely the awesome old bowling machines the Highball has, and the custom made booths. Both of these were quite a challenge to model but really tie the map to the real world.




No matter where you look in this map you will find small authentic details and easter eggs.

For example here is someone who apparently broke ino the South Lamar Pharmacy, but never quite made it out with the pills. 

All the signs, even the big "Flu Shots" sign is taken from on-site photographs.


Fan Feast update: Highball interior

I had been a little while since my last update, but I have been hard at work every day on the map. The interior of The Highball is about finished.

This part of the map requires more custom props and textures then any other. The doors are custom, the skeeball, the neon sign, and even the carpet texture in the map is extracted from a photo of the real carpet. There are nearly a dozen custom props inside already and I haven't even added the bowling to the map yet.

More images on Flickr

fanfeast0028 fanfeast0009 fanfeast0010 fanfeast0011 fanfeast0014

Fan Feast Update: Skeeball

This weekend I worked on more of the interior of the Highball. But the highlight is my custom made Skeeball machine.

It is modeled in SketchUp and built to scale. The dimensions at taken from this thread on how to make your own skeeball machine.

Aside from the marquee most of the textures were made from scratch in photoshop using photos of the actual skeeball machines at the Highball as reference.

It works in game (see video below). It was quite a chore to get the physics correct and have the balls still fall into the right trigger spots to detect each hole.

The final version will give the players nine balls per round with a highscore that is yet to be determined. (possibly set on the fly)


Left4Dead Skeeball


Left4Dead Skeeball