Fan Feast Readme


Place the .VPK file inside your ..\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons folder
Game modes supported:
-Survival versus (Custom game mode, use google for more info)
Starting the survival event:
1: Bowl a strike or spare.
To bowl pick up the ball, stay in lane 4, back up and then run forward, make sure and stop before the foul line.
There is a black reset button at the end of the machine if something gets stuck.
The player can control the left and right position of the ball, but release angle is random.
2: Score 200 or more on Skeeball.
Press use to start the skeeball machine. Press use again to toss a ball. Ball toss angle is random.
3: Visit theater 1 in the Alamo Drafthouse and watch the movie.
If the movie has no sound see "Troubleshooting"
Supply crates:
There are fifteen supply crates spread throughout in the map. Each remains open for just two minutes.
The supply crates change color and the supplies sink as time goes on. Make sure and tell your teammates where they are and when you have opened one.
-How do I install this on a mac? See here:
-I don't see the map in survival or scavenge mode: Make sure the addon is enabled before trying to make a lobby. "Main menu>extras>addons"
-A local sound cache is included in the VPK. If sound does not play inside the theater try making sure the addon is enabled in the addon settings inside the game, and rebuild your sound cache using the command: snd_rebuildsoundcache.
-Because the map is a very open with lots of custom materials can be taxing on a computer, the map has been optimized as much as possible.
-Turn on the hints system in the multiplayer settings to see in-game hints.
Known issues:
-At the start of survival mode the game sometimes says "Leaving this area will start the round". No known fix, does not effect gameplay.
-The Dalek doesn't have an eye-stalk or arms. (Neither does the real one inside the Mondo Tees store)
Report bugs to