Seaholm Power Plant: Office and power station.

Short update this weekend, there is more to come, but only a few "screenshot worthy" images.


In one of the satellite reference images I have for the power plant there is one of these cheap looking modular commercial buidlings stuck next to the plant. As this map is fairly open I need all the buildings I can get so I modeled this one using reference photos and a floor plan I found for a similar building.


Next to the power plant is a large power relay station. It will have quite a few custom models, but each will be kept fairly basic as they are going to basically be background scenery.


Seaholm Power Plant – Revived!

I started making a map of Seaholm Power plant one year ago. That project was interupted when I was asked to make a map for Fantastic Fest. However I am happy to say that work has resumed on this project.

The Seaholm Power Plant is a incredible 1950's art deco power plant located along the river in Austin, TX near down town. The power plant was a gas/steam turbine plant and ran all the way into the 1980's.

For the game I am reviving the plant from its current empty state. This will be a four map campaign for Left 4 Dead 2.

The following are screenshots of the Seaholm pump station and surrounding walking path along the river. This is the first map and current area I am working on.

If your interested in more screenshots, including interior shots, see my flickr gallery here:


Seaholm L4D2 - Pump station


Seaholm L4D2 - Outhouse


Seaholm L4D2 - Failed boat launch


Seaholm L4D2


Seaholm L4D2

Fan Feast Update: Almost there!

Hey folks,

I know there are quite a few of you are waiting for the map release so you can go kill zombies at the Highball.  I have been working on the map every night to finish it out. I have  added a few new assets from The Sacrifice update and currently 100% of the map geometry and all the details are done and locked in. I just have a few bugs that affect scavenge mode to figure out and then I will release the map. 

Also, Left4Dead2 is still less then $7 right now, so if you want to play this map that is a low price to pay.

In the mean time please enjoy some of the final screenshots:

Fan Feast -Final shots


Fan Feast -Final shots


Fan Feast -Final shots

Fantastic Fest photos

Fantastic Fest Arcade

If you missed Fantastic Fest and Fantastic Arcade, then you missed out on a great time.

There were over 100 movies to see, and 30 independent video games to play. Along with lots of other fun events.

Click below for my images and comments from Fantastic Arcade


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