Real Time Architectural Visualization

The following was built up from DWG and PDF blueprints. The end result is a detailed 3D model that can be explored in 3D to help showcase, sell or visualize your designs before construction begins.


The model can broken into seperate pieces such that the roof and floors can fly away and the end customer can look down into home. 

The colors and textures are created as needed in order to match the architect's specifications.

Interior details such as trim, cabinets, lighting, furnature, switches, outlets, etc… are all modeled textured and inserted into the scene. 

Textures for flooring, and tile are created as needed. All colors are kept as accurate as possible.

The end customer can walk the room and get a feel for the space before construction begins. Guided tours can be made to showcase certain features of the home.

Exterior details are added as specified.  Different types of vegitation can be brought in and visualized.

Because care has been taken to keep the polygon and texture count low the model runs great on any platform: PC, Mac, browser or tablet. 


If you are interested in contacting me about converting your blueprints into 3D models, visit the my contact page.