Game worlds

Fan Feast

Based on a real shopping center in Austin Texas.

A large Left 4 Dead 2 survival and scavenge map.


Dismember the Alamo

Based on a real movie theater in Austin Texas.

A medium sized survival map for Left 4 Dead 1

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Game worlds_02

Seaholm Power Plant

Based on a real power plant in Austin Texas.

Part of a three map campaign for Left 4 Dead 2

Game worlds_03

Game worlds_04


World of Level Design, Story Telling Challenge Winner

Original enviroment, railstation based on a real station built in the 1800's

Built in Hammer using Left4Dead2 assets. The bench and building geometry are custom models.



Based on the same island that the film "Castaway" was shot on.

1:1 scale. Map takes at least three hours to play though.

Map plays on the game Crysis.

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Game worlds_14


Based on a real South Korean air base, and real North Korean rocket launch site.

Part of a three map campaign with each map 16sq Km in size.

Map plays on the game Crysis Warhead.

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Game worlds_16


Based on the terrain inside Zion's National Park in Utah.

Part of a three map campaign including a re-creation of the international space station.

Map is 8sq Km in size.

Map plays on the game Crysis Warhead.

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