Fan Feast Update: Skeeball

This weekend I worked on more of the interior of the Highball. But the highlight is my custom made Skeeball machine.

It is modeled in SketchUp and built to scale. The dimensions at taken from this thread on how to make your own skeeball machine.

Aside from the marquee most of the textures were made from scratch in photoshop using photos of the actual skeeball machines at the Highball as reference.

It works in game (see video below). It was quite a chore to get the physics correct and have the balls still fall into the right trigger spots to detect each hole.

The final version will give the players nine balls per round with a highscore that is yet to be determined. (possibly set on the fly)


Left4Dead Skeeball


Left4Dead Skeeball


Fan Feast update: Alamo Drafthouse back rooms

As with my previous map based on a Alamo Drafthouse location, the Drafthouse was nice enough to tour me around the back rooms to take reference photos.

The South Lamar Drafthouse has quite a few offices hidden above the kitchen. The screen shots are the first rough bits of that area of the building. Also shown is the first rough theater.

Many of the posters are taken directly from the reference photos.

Alamo Drafthouse back rooms

Alamo Drafthouse back rooms

Alamo Drafthouse back rooms

 Alamo Drafthouse rough theater

Fan Feast update: Signs, posters, and more.

Up until now the shopping center has used generic signs and posters. Along with reference photos I took images of as many signs and unique images that make the shopping center unique.

This weekend has been about bringing in all those signs into the game. I have also started on the Alamo Drafthouse interior.

Fan Feast Signs

Fan Feast Signs

Fan Feast Signs

Fan Feast Signs


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Fan Feast update: Shopping center complete

I have completed the front of the Highball. The Vannah sign is just a placeholder until I make the custom sign.

Also the map now takes place on a stormy dark evening.


I have built the lobby of the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse. It still needs the mural and custom objects.


The entire shopping center and surround areas are now complete. Next I will start on the interior areas of the Highball and Drafthouse.


More images on Flickr

Fan Feast: Shopping center

These images are of the part of the shopping center next to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.

At first I was going to include only the building facade, but I decided to make it so the players can enter a few of the stores. For example you can head to the guitar store and get your self a guitar to use a melee weapon. Each store is filled with props to approximate the same type of store that is there in the real world. (Barber shop, Reality, Guitars, Books, Clothing store)

The sign textures are temporary placeholders for now.

Lamar Plaza

Lamar Plaza

Lamar Plaza


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Fan Feast: Thundercloud subs

It is amazing how fast you can go from photo to awesome in-game environment using SketchUp and the source Hammer editor.

I am making this game map in modular chunks, finishing one section at a time. This should reduce compile times for each chunk and speed the overall project along.

Just six hours ago the "ThunderCloud subs" location below was just a reference photo. Now it is a creepy zombie hangout.

Note: the signs and textures are not yet final.




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Fan Feast: SketchUp scale buildings.

I was able to visit the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar location and take lots of photos of the shopping center buildings. As well as the interiors of the Drafthouse and Highball.

But since the bowling alley and theater are located at opposite ends of the shopping center, I will need to include the entire shopping center in the game map.

The first step is to use my reference photos and Google SketchUp to model the different buildings to scale.

Below are images of the Drafthouse, part of the strip mall, and the Thundercloud subs located in the middle of the parking lot. Aside from the signs, all textures are rough substitutes using in-game materials. They will be later replaced with custom textures.




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