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National Radio:

NPR Radio: Going against the grain.


National TV:

Tech-TV: The Screen Savers, Finalist in Case Mod Contest

Tech-TV: The Screen Savers, Winner Case Mod Contest


Popular Websites: Left 4 Dead Map Lets You 'Dismember The Alamo' Right Now Left 4 Dead Map Recreates Zombie Film Fest Theater For Zombie Film Fest Real Wood iPod Isn't it good — iPod in wood? Shiny wooden iPod Real Wood iPod

Gizmodo: Working Wooden iPod Wood iPod The Wood iPod Wooden iPod revealed Mac mini with integrated iTrip DIY powder coating gun



MaximumPC -Jan '04

PC Extreme – Nov '03



Winner:  Intel / Crysis Mapping Contest, 1st place, Most Creative map. July '08

QuakeCon 2004: Winner, nVidia Case Speed Building Contest-  August '04 Winner, Great Mod Challange – September '05

Winner: Mod Contest – June '04

Winner: "Rig of the Month" MaximumPC Magazine – January '04

Award: "Mod of the Year" Bit-Tech.Net Best of 2003 – January '04

Winner: "Mod of the Month" PC Extreme Magazine – Nov '03

Winner: nVidia Case Mod Contest at QuakeCon '03 – August '03