Pip-Boy project status

Note the Group-Buy is canceled.


Howdy folks,

Well, after much thought, I have decided to do what many have asked for: I will be releasing the full CAD files for the Functional Pip-Boy 3000 MK4.

I am releasing these files as a unfinished work. I still intend on going back and making my “master” version someday. But currently I have a new home with its own projects to work on.

If you want to check out my home projects, I will be publishing that project at: www.halfwayupthehill.com. (There isn’t much up at the moment yet)

I am releasing these files for the sake keeping a huge amount of work from going to waste.

I put a ton of work into this design. I have used my years of experience with product design to create what I feel is the most accurate, and faithful version of the Pip-Boy 3000 Mk IV. The design uses real metal hardware, and mixed materials to achieve a look as good as if RobCo built it themselves.

To that end, this design is expensive. There is no way around that without losing out on quality. This is an unfinished design. Do not expect to just order all the parts, and put it together like a model airplane. Lots of work is still needed to even build just one of these.

It is up to the community to continue the work.

-Joshua Driggs


The terms to receive a guilt free access to the CAD files is as follows:

1) Purchase a Holotape, or any other item from my Shapeways store- https://www.shapeways.com/shops/zapwizard
1a) You may also donate any amount directly to the project by visitng my website: Zapwizard.com and clicking on the Paypal Donate button.
2) E-mail zapwizard+holotape@gmail.com with your Shapeways order number. Or message me on Shapeways or the RPF. If sending a private message, included your google enabled e-mail address.
3) Once I confirm your order number, you will receive access to the Google Drive folder containing these files. (Sent to the e-mail you provided)

If you aquired these files using some other means and not directly from Joshua Driggs (ZapWizard) please go ahead and purchase a prop. You get guilt free access to these CAD files, as well as an awesome prop designed by myself.

Also, anyone who purchases a item and sends me the order number, will also receive e-mail support for this project.

If you have previously purchased a Holotape or any other item on my store, e-mail me the order number.