Seaholm Power Plant – Revived!

I started making a map of Seaholm Power plant one year ago. That project was interupted when I was asked to make a map for Fantastic Fest. However I am happy to say that work has resumed on this project.

The Seaholm Power Plant is a incredible 1950's art deco power plant located along the river in Austin, TX near down town. The power plant was a gas/steam turbine plant and ran all the way into the 1980's.

For the game I am reviving the plant from its current empty state. This will be a four map campaign for Left 4 Dead 2.

The following are screenshots of the Seaholm pump station and surrounding walking path along the river. This is the first map and current area I am working on.

If your interested in more screenshots, including interior shots, see my flickr gallery here:


Seaholm L4D2 - Pump station


Seaholm L4D2 - Outhouse


Seaholm L4D2 - Failed boat launch


Seaholm L4D2


Seaholm L4D2